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Movie Review: Madurai Sambavam (2009) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Madurai Sambavam is another movie that features a rowdy as the hero. While most of those movies have the hero romance the heroine and clash with a cop, this one makes those two the one and the same person. The issues that this throws up ensure that the movie cannot be dismissed outright but the fact that those issues haven't been explored very convincingly or interestingly ensures that the film doesn't stand out much either.

Aalamarathaan(Radharavi) is a well-respected elder in a suburb of Madurai. His son Kutti(Harikumar) and his son-in-law are his helpers while an MP Ganesan is a friend-turned-foe. Gomathi(Karthika) pines for Kutti but he falls for Carolin(Anuya), the new inspector assigned to the area, as soon as he lays eyes on her. Carolin's aim is to cleanse the area of its rowdies but as she begins to fall for Kutti, she realizes that it may not be an easy task.

Madurai Sambavam kicks off on a very familiar note. Both the people(the elderly do-gooder, the rowdy son, the politician/bad guy, the helpless policeman, etc.) as well as the situations designed to showcase their characters (a scene where Radharavi personally slices and serves mutton, a fight sequence for Harikumar, etc.) have been seen several times before. The familiarity seems set to continue as a new inspector arrives but the fact that is Anuya finally introduces something different to the mix.

With Karthika following Harikumar around and Harikumar ignoring her, its pretty clear early on that their romance isn't going to be the main one. Though Harikumar is a rowdy and Anuya is a policewoman, their romance doesn't start any differently either. With Harikumar eyeing her rudely and kissing her forcefully before she starts having feelings for him, it follows the unbelievable arc of most romances where the hero is a rowdy. But a midway plot point is strong enough to make us overlook the weak start. It adds a new dimension to the romance and raises the story above its simplistic start.

The twist gives one of the characters an interesting dilemma but the problem is that the struggle isn't presented forcefully enough. The few conversations the character has don't convey its struggle strongly. This is especially true in the climax where the single question it poses before taking a huge decision makes it seem like it is not trying hard enough. So the climax is surprising but not really involving emotionally.

Harikumar is rather wooden and while this doesn't have much of an impact for most of the movie, it affects the romance quite a bit. Anuya makes a believable cop. While the script doesn't help her much, she does the best she is able to convey her dilemma in the few opportunities she gets. Karthika is pushed to the sidelines after running behind Harikumar initially while Radharavi uses his experience to play the character in convincing fashion.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam