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Movie Review: Thoondil (2008) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, says a famous quote and Thoondil is a film that proves the truth in that statement. A Fatal Attraction-wannabe, the film portrays a married man's troubles from a vengeful ex-girlfriend. The woman's plan is wicked in quite an inspired way but weak characters and a tame ending prevent the plan from being exploited to its full potential.

Sriram(Shaam) and Anjali(Sandhya) lead a happy married life in London. After some initial issues regarding Anjali getting pregnant, they become parents to a beautiful baby girl. But Shaam's past catches up with him in the form of Divya(Divya), who he had been in love with. She is a model now but hasn't forgotten her past and is determined to wreck Sriram's life.

Shaam and Sandhya make a nice couple initially. So it should've been easy to sympathize with them and root for them to overcome their problems after Divya makes her entry. But their characters are so weakly defined that this doesn't happen. While Sandhya just comes off as over-excited(she rushes off to call her parents and tell them she's pregnant on the basis of some retching. Hasn't she heard of pregnancy kits?), Shaam doesn't seem to have a single thing going for him. He lies to Sandhya all the time, hides important information from her, looks completely lost after Divya enters the picture and his reason for doing what he did to Divya just sounds lame. Divya, on the other hand, has a perfectly valid reason for seeking revenge on Shaam and so we end up gravitating towards her.

The concept of a jilted woman seeking revenge on her ex-boyfriend is not that new but the way Divya goes about it is definitely new. Her first couple of acts are more direct and confuse us a little bit about how drastic she wants her revenge to be. But her final act is devious and clever. The screenplay has been crafted well to maintain the suspense about her act and we don't guess it much before Divya herself spills the beans to Shaam. The consequences of her plan are pretty big though it doesn't look like she herself has thought it through fully and it sets up an interesting dilemma for which there is no easy solution. But the plan does give rise to language that sounds pretty crass.

The issue is complicated but Shaam and Sandhya don't show any intelligence in dealing with it. I could think of atleast a couple of ways for them to extricate themselves from the situation but they don't so anything other than pleading with Divya. Unfortunately, the director eventually settles on the easiest, least interesting solution to the complicated issue he creates and takes the easy way out without exploiting the ethical and moral complications thrown up by Divya's act. He makes one of the characters a complete bad guy and making him the root cause of all the problems, Once we understand this, all suspense is drained out of the problem at hand and the movie limps to a predictable climax.

Shaam is just too bland and takes a backseat to his 2 heroines most of the time. Sandhya once again proves that acting cute just might be the most difficult task for an actress. Like Navya in Maayakkannaadi, she is irritating rather than sweet when she tries to be cute. But she proves that she is a good actress during her entreaties to Divya. Divya is well-suited to play the angry woman. She looks good and exudes the anger required for the role. Vivek stoops rather low to coax some laughs out of us. Playing a fashion photographer courting an Englishwoman, he gets some laughs but this track definitely won't be counted among his best routines. The actor playing the villain sounds a lot T.Rajendar and acts just as badly too.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam