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Movie Review: Sabari (2007) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still It doesn't matter if Vijayakanth plays a doctor, an election commissioner or a policeman. His movies are essentially the same - shabbily-made films(aimed solely at his fans) where he plays a good-hearted crusader, getting rid of the bad elements in our society. Sabari, sadly, is one more addition to the list.

Sabarivasan(Vijayakanth), a world-renowned cardiologist, works at the Government hospital to help the common man and in the evenings, runs his own clinic. Nandhini(Jyothirmayi) initially misunderstands him but comes to admire and love him after understanding who he is. Vajravelu(Pradeep Rawat) and his sister's husband run a shady real estate business and Sabari earns Vajravelu's wrath when he becomes instumental in the arrest of Vajravelu's brother-in-law.

The movie starts off really amateurish and episodic in nature as Vijayakanth goes from one place to another, cleaning up corruption and solving people's problems. But it atleast proceeds linearly, focussing on the task at hand. With a lead pair like Vijayakanth and Jyothirmayi, we don't expect a cute romance or great chemistry between them but the romance isn't too embarassing. Vijayakanth actually uses his medical training to deal with some of the bad guys and some of his lines about the job doctors do, ring true and sound good.

But the movie's quality takes a dive about two-thirds of the way in. At that point, it almost seems as if director Suresh had done all he could with his story and its characters and didn't know how to proceed. New characters are introduced, new tracks pop up and both these lead to several unnecessary deaths and an escalation of gore and violence. So the movie, that was bad to begin with, becomes essentially intolerable after this point.

Tamil cinema villains have to be a little slow in the head since they have to be beaten by our heroes. But even by those standards, Pradeep Rawat and his gang are some of the dumbest villains we have encountered recently (Pradeep's introduction scene has him sitting while 108 coconuts are broken on his head. That probably had something to do with his stupidity). Vijayakanth's cleverest plan to outwit them includes simply getting into a van and getting out the other side (Pradeep's shock when he understands this dazzling ruse by Captain is probably the funniest scene in the film)?! With such a set of dumb villains, Vijayakanth's encounters with them are expectedly unexciting and silly.

Now that Vijayakanth has his own political party and is an MLA, it is understandable that his policies find a place in his movies. But he really needs to find a way to slide them in more subtly. The segment with the Sri Lankan refugees, inserted on the excuse of Vijayakanth holding a medical camp for them, reeks of political propaganda and the speech he gives there could be used, word for word, at any political meeting he attends.

Vijayakanth looks just as portly as always and understandably, is pretty slow in the fight sequences. Jyothirmayi is adequate. Poor Malavika... She has exactly two scenes and two song sequences in the film and has absolutely no impact of any kind on the story. Pradeep Rawat is loud as always.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam