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Movie Review: Githan (2005) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Tamil movies usually operate on a few basic storylines that are then bolstered by the screenplay. The movies differentiate from each other with their screenplays and how engaging the movie is then depends on the screenplay. But occassionally, we do get a movie that features a very different story. Jithan, a remake of Hindi film Gaayab, is one such film. With an invisible man storyline that is quite unique to Tamil cinema, it stands out from other run-of-the-mill masala films.

Surya(Ramesh), an introverted youth, loves Priya(Pooja), who was his classmate in school and is now his neighbor. His life at home is made a living hell by his stepmother(Nalini). One day Surya's life comes crashing down when he realises that Priya doesn't even know he exists. A dejected Surya finds a statue at the beach and when he laments about his condition, he turns invisible.

One of the factors that helps Jithan in being entertaining is its unpredictability. The film doesn't always take the expected route and because of the uniqueness of the storyline, we are not always able to guess what is going to happen next. So when Ramesh becomes invisible and starts off scaring Nalini and Mukesh, we think it is going to be a comedy. But thats not the route it takes. Looking back, I'm glad that the movie took a different route since the so-called comedy scenes were not done too well. They work well initially since Ramesh is heady with his power. But scenes like the one where Mukesh meets the psychiatrist(played by Madan Bob!) are too slapstick.

The changes in Ramesh's character and his actions are quite surprising. Considering his earlier suffering, his desire to exploit his newfound power is understandable. And the fact that it is love that drives him to do all those things gives them a certain logic. The movie doesn't follow many of the Tamil cinema formulae and this keeps it engrossing. The unpredictability extends to the climax, which manages to be even more surprising since it is not the same as the original Hindi version.

Just like Sukhran, the arrival of a hero in a guest role slows down the film. Here its Sarathkumar(after all, its his wife Radhika's production), who plays a cop assigned to capture Ramesh. His entry shifts the focus from Ramesh to him and that turns out to be not such a good thing. We get some unnecessary fights and heroics that don't gel with the rest of the movie. But he's definitely more welcome than 'Kalabhavan' Mani's role though! His acts seem like an ill-advised attempt at comedy since there is no separate comedy track.

Ramesh starts off quite weakly and seems to overact in scenes where he tries to bring out his inferiority complex. But he gets better as the movie proceeds and enjoys himself in certain scenes. Pooja looks gorgeous, especially in the song sequences. She gives a good performance too. Sarathkumar just struts around in nice clothes. Mani is irritating as usual while S.V.Sekhar raises a few laughs with his snide comments at his wife. Nalini seems to have taken over the role of the dominating, harassing wife and Livingston plays the subdued husband in a low-key manner. Songs are picturized in some nice locations and Coimbatore... gets top marks for its choreography.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam