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Movie Review: Military (2003) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still A sense of deja vu is unavoidable when seeing Military. This is not just because the movie is a remake of Hitler, a Malayalam movie starring Mammootty. What makes Military more familiar is the fact that the Malayalam movie was also dubbed into Tamil. But even for viewers who have not seen either of the two previous incarnations, Military's length, multitude of characters and confusing storylines may prove to be a little too much to sit through.

Madhavan(Satyaraj) has earned the title 'Military' owing to his strictness when it comes to his five younger sisters. Any of the youth who as much as lay their eyes on them get a taste of his anger. Lakshmi(Rambha), Madhavan's aunt's daughter, is in love with him while her brother(Livingston) is in love with the second of Madhavan's sisters. Due to her own actions, Madhavan is forced to get his first sister married to a widowed professor('Nizhalgal' Ravi). But this alienates the other sisters from Madhavan and his second sister gets married against his wishes.

True to its Malayali origins, Military is teeming with characters and definitely has the most number of characters to keep track of in recent movies. With the five sisters, their suitors, the family of Satyaraj's uncle, Manivannan and the villains, following all the characters has our head reeling. Naturally, there are multiple storylines to follow too. But surprisingly, none of the characters seem completely redundant and each of them has its importance in the story.

The movie goes down a path mixing comedy and the heavy parts for quite a while. While the antics of Livingston and the other suitors are fashioned with an eye on invoking laughs, the sequences dealing with Manivannan are more serious. But neither seems out of place and the movie switches between the different moods quite well. It has some good dialogs('Nizhalgal' Ravi's conversation with Satyaraj is a good example) and throws in enough twists and turns to retain our interest.

Satyaraj fits the character of the stern brother quite well. He has reined in his usual nakkal style and this helps add respect to the character. Rambha looks jaded and has little to do. Indu and Vijayalakshmi make a mark among the sisters with Vijayalakshmi shining in the scenes where she raises her voice against Satyaraj. Livingston has probably the best character in the movie and does well.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam