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Movie Review: Yes Madam (2003) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Ever since the moderate success of Budget Padmanabhan, most of Prabhu's films have followed the same formula. He plays a middle class man who faces some problems and ends up trying to survive between two women. It was Ramya Krishnan and Mumtaj in that movie while in Super Kudumbam, he was sandwiched between Roja and Pratyuksha. Yes Madam might have a new director but it does nothing new with the same formula as Prabhu once again faces problems from two women.

Sivaramakrishnan(Prabhu), who works in a tailoring factory, makes a hobby out of teaching corrupt government workers a lesson by taking them to consumer court. Though his parents wish to see him married, he is vehemently against the idea. Meanwhile, Gayatri(Vijayalakshmi) gets Sivaramakrishnan's photo by mistake, which causes her to cancel her arranged marriage with a doctor(Anandraj). After several misunderstandings, Sivaramakrishnan and Gayatri get married. But then Gayatri learns of Sivaramakrishnan's previous marriage with his aunt's daughter Sumathi(Vindhya) when she, with her son, takes up residence opposite their house.

A few coincidences that require suspension of disbelief are expected in movies intended to be comedies but Yes Madam moves along relying some fantastic coincidences that are just too tough to swallow. For instance, Prabhu comes across a poem by someone named Thenmozhi on the internet by tapping a few keys randomly after Koundamani has visited a site with revealing photos! And then, Prabhu and Anandraj land up at the same post office at exactly the same time which allows Alphonso to swap their envelopes. The list of such unbelievable coincidences is neverending and their far-fetched nature actually reduces the laughs from the resulting situations.

The truth about Prabhu's past is no big surprise since we know that the movie has two heroines. Even as we are watching the first half, we know that all the events are simply fillers since the real story would start only after the second heroine makes an appearance. So none of the happenings in the first half have much of an impact. And the lacklustre nature of the proceedings doesnt help either. There is no romance between Prabhu and Vijayalakshmi as they fight with each other at every meeting, not realising that they are good friends over the phone. And their marriage takes place under the strangest of circumstances with Vijayalakshmi's decision making no sense whatsoever.

Sadly, Vindhya's appearance does not shake up things a lot. The screenplay has not taken full advantage of the situation and is a little weak on laughs. Vindhya's character is not developed fully enough and we are never sure if we are supposed to laugh at her or sympathise with her. And while Prabhu's acts, like becoming flustered at Vindhya's winks or dreaming about a duet with her, may have been introduced to add suspense about who he is going to end up with, they just end up showing his character in a bad light. The few scenes where he interacts with his son are well handled though.

Prabhu has acted in too many similar roles and breezes through it without exerting himself too much. Vijayalakshmi has an expressive face and puts it to good use when expressing displeasure at Vindhya's acts. Vindhya struggles to play the role of the seductress. Koundamani and Senthil raise a few laughs along the way with Senthil's story about his village being a nice shot at Citizen. The sequence where he is chased by Prabhu and Koundamani is one of the funnier sequences involving the three. Anandraj plays a rather lame villain and others in the cast are adequate.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam