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Movie Review: Arasatchi (2004) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Arasaatchi is another crusader story but with a small difference. Unlike the protagonists in movies like Indian and 4 Students, the hero here targets not the corrupt but just the corrupt among the lawyers. Considering that its an Arjun starrer, action fans may get what they are looking for but the disregard to all other aspects of the movie make it considerably less entertaining for other viewers.

Sidharth(Arjun), the manager at a five-star hotel, is an honest man, which makes the owner's daughter Lara(Lara Dutta) fall for him. But he also has another side where he is an assassin who has taken it upon himself to rid society of the lawyers who defend criminals and other bad guys. His last target Ashok Mehta(Raghuvaran), is a lawyer from New Delhi, who is defending a young man who has raped a college girl. But Sidharth's past, which was what first started him on his crusade in the first place, comes in the way of his plans for Ashok Mehta.

With Arjun's targets being lawyers, the movie features quite a few scenes in the court as it tries to prove that his targets deserve whats coming to them. But rather than being exciting with clever arguments, these are mounted quite amateurishly. The means adopted by the lawyers to acquit their clients are silly and the way the witnesses behave on the witness stand is unbelievable. Arjun's murders fails to increase the excitement either. They are done in ways where so many things could go wrong(he kills Anandraj by hitting him on the head with a cricket ball on the beach!) and are impractical.

Granted that viewers come to an Arjun movie looking for action but does that mean the director has to treat other aspects like romance and comedy so shabbily? Lara's introduction, where she arrives for an interview without letting anybody know she is the owner's daughter, promises an interesting character and a nice romance. But her sudden declaration of love for Arjun is silly and her character too is relegated to the sidelines soon after that. Comedy, inspite of the presence of two comedians like Vivek and S.V.Sekhar who are capable of eliciting smiles with just their dialog delivery, fares even worse with Vivek getting just a couple of scenes for a few wisecracks before disappearing altogether.

Arjun's flashback is handled well even if predictably and provides a good reason for his crusade(though it too displays the same lack of believability with a well-known ex-judge, who is heading a high-profile investigation, travelling by train to submit his findings). Back in the present, sentiments come to the fore with Arjun having to choose between his ideals and his feelings. These portions, though long, are interesting with enough action sequences to keep the pace from dragging.

Arjun delivers whats expected of him in the action sequences. He is simply required to look serious the rest of the time(even when he is with Lara). Ex-Miss Universe Lara Dutta has nothing special to do and seems to have some trouble mouthing the Tamil dialogs. Raghuvaran is his usual self. No one else stands out in the huge cast of supporting characters. Harris Jayaraj's tunes sound a little familiar but are catchy nevertheless. Irubathu Vayadhu..., an item number by Riya Sen, is the pick of the lot.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam