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Movie Review: Ethiree (2004) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still K.S.Ravikumar can usually be counted upon to offer masala films that are light and entertaining. He keeps his reputation intact on both counts with Ethiree, where he teams up with Madhavan for the first time. He spices up the cinematic, unrealistic story with a nice sprinkling of comedy, action and sentiments ensuring that the viewer who knows what to expect when K.S.Ravikumar is behind the camera, is not disappointed.

Subramani(Madhavan), in order to earn some quick money, begins posing as the dreaded rowdy 'Bottle' Mani to help evict some troublesome tenants for a house owner('Delhi' Ganesh). Instead he becomes friends with the tenants and to help one of them, agrees to kidnap his lover who is about to get married. But he ends up kidnapping the bride from the wrong marriage hall. Troubles start since the girl Priya(Sada) is not only the daughter of a dada('Pepsi' Vijayan) but is also supposed to wed Raghavan(Raghu), the Commissioner of Police. Meanwhile the house owner fears that his daughter Gayatri(Kaniha) may be falling for 'Bottle' Mani.

Comedy obviously has the highest priority on Ravikumar's agenda and he has been fairly successful in that department. The movie is light and breezy throughout and this helps us overlook the absurd plot developments(of which there are quite a few). There are several sequences(like Vivek's dialogs and actions when Madhavan confronts the rowdies in the marketplace) that are very funny. Not surprisingly, Vivek, as an auto driver(which also allows him to bring up Rajnikanth and Baasha frequently) plays a large part in generating the humor. But 'Delhi' Ganesh, with his disapproval of Madhavan's antics with his daughter but inability to do anything about it, comes a pretty close second.

While the movie itself is lightweight, the same cannot be said of the story itself. Right from the first scene, where Madhavan steps out of the jail in full 'hero' mode before his actual profession is revealed, the movie holds several minor surprises in its story line. For instance, we fully expect Madhavan to evict the unwanted tenants(maybe after a fight sequence) but he ends up becoming friends with them and this actually paves the way for his meeting with Sada. While not major twists or shocks, such twists do add a certain unpredictability to the proceedings.

Madhavan is likeable as the rowdy though his hairstyle and costume selection could use some work. And its amazing that after so many years in the cine field, he still looks distinctly uncomfortably dancing even a few simple steps in the song sequences. Sada doesn't quite radiate the same charm in modern dresses as she did in Jayam while Kaniha is sweet and slips well into her role. Raghu doesn't bring anything special to his first role as villain while 'Pepsi' Vijayan is his usual self. Yuvan Shankar Raja's tunes are bland and the ill-fitting lyrics don't help either.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam