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Movie Review: Bhagavathi (2002) Back to Movie
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Movie Still STORYLINE:
Bhagavathy (Vijay) is a tea-stall owner who lives only to make his brother Guna (Jai, nephew of music director Deva) a doctor. Bhagavathy falls in love with Reema Sen's character, the daughter of a judge. Guna on the other hand falls in love with Priya, the daughter of a rowdy politician (played by Ashish Vidyaarthi). Guna and Priya consummate their love and Priya comes to be pregnant. When Vidyaarthi comes to know of Guna's love, he murders Guna. Priya escapes and asks Bhagavathy to protect her and her unborn child. Bhagavathy becomes convinced the child is the reincarnated Guna, and picks up a life of crime to protect that child.

Can he protect the child from the evil Ashish Vidyaarthi? What do you think?

What a horrible movie. It's like a Rajinikanth movie except Vijay looks so comically out of place. Whenever he swings his hand and they give that 'swish' music in the background, or whenever Vijay utters a catchphrase, it was terribly funny. Yaendaa ippadi ovvorthavanaiyum aitthuvinga? Vijay flies over cars, discovers bombs under cars by dropping his glasses, and tosses laptops and cell-phones alike over his head.

The story? Don't ask. It's about a guy who thinks his dead brother is coming back as his dead brother's son? Ha ha ha. That's funny, too. It makes me wonder if Vijay even listens to the stories of the movies he chooses to act in before acting in them. For A. Venkatesh, this is the second ridiculous story he's written, the first being the horrible "Chocklet" which was last year's SubashWorld's Worst Picture of the Year.

The romance? Oddly enough, that's probably the best thing about the movie. The 'refill' scene in the bank is funny, and Reema Sen does all right with the little role that she's given. The "jumping-from-motorbike-to-motorbike" scene is just stupid, though. Basically, Reema Sen shows up whenever it's time for another song. She just has a cameo compared to Monica, who actually has more to do in the film.

It's another one of the overblown Rajinikanth-syndrome afflicting young actors movies. This one'll leave Vijay fans cheering and the rest of us looking in stupefaction at the screen.

No good. "July Malargalae" and "Shyo Shyo" are all right but the picturization ruin both of those, too. "Allu Allu" is for the front-benchers. "Coca Cola" seems strikingly out-of-place in the movie. "Kai Kai Kai Vakkura" is very average.

Vijay fans, watch it in the theater. The rest of you, skip it.


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