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Fans Rating: 78%%78%% 78% (238 votes)
Movie Still STORYLINE:
Ajit plays both Vishnu and Shiva, twin brothers, one of whom is a retarded cripple and the other who is a Robin Hood bus conductor -- he steals from the haves and gives to the have-nots (in this case, disabled people). When the police come looking, he leads them to his twin brother, and they say, "Oh he couldn't have done the crime! He's a cripple!"

In this way, Ajit wages war against a corrupt politician (Pepsi Vijayan). He also highlights the plight of India's disabled to foreign welfare funds, who all donate to his "GOD" foundation.

At this time, Pepsi Vijayan tries to take over the "GOD" foundation to steal the money for himself.

Meena and Kiran's characters, meanwhile, also love Ajit.

Will Ajit stop Pepsi Vijayan from stealing millions from the "GOD" foundation? Will the police ever catch the Robin Hood Ajit? Will Ajit fall in love with Meena or Kiran (or, more accurately, which actress is paired with the bus conductor, and which with the cripple?)

This is another successor to the very long line of Shankar lookalike movies (after "Gentleman," "Indian," and "Mudhalvan," we have "Citizen," "Samurai," "Ivann," "Ramana," "Tamilan," and many others). It was also a hit -- the first solid Ajit hit in quite a while. It's also the first time in a while Ajit has paired himself with a truly well-established director.

Unfortunately, despite all the hype, "Villain" isn't that good. It's watchable, but it's not great.

First off, yes, Ajit does act well. I will grant him that.

BUT -- I got truly sick of the scenes where all the girls were fawning over the bus conductor. Come on, how much do you think of yourself, Ajit? Come off it.

ALSO -- the last hour is truly boring with the usual dumb fights, tepid bomb story, and ridiculous oversentiment.

The first couple of hours are watchable because of a couple twists in the plot (the twin thing was an interesting turn-around). But the comedy is unfunny, the romances ridiculous and unnecessary, and the plot over-convoluted.

Oh yeah, a lot of people are praising the first robbery for its originality and intelligence. Don't go overboard now. Ajit the cripple walking away normally in the beginning is a straight lift from the English movie "The Usual Suspects." Going back as the bomb squad to retrieve the money is how it was done in the English movie "Ocean's Eleven."

And Meena and Kiran are totally unnecessary.

Bottom line: Ajit fans, you'll love it. The rest of us, nah, not that great.

Some people have been praising it as great songs. Sorry -- nothing really caught my attention that much. "Orae Manam" was okay I guess.

Ajit fans, watch it in the theater. The rest of you, either on video or skip it.


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