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Fans Rating: 78%%78%% 78% (119 votes)
Movie Still STORYLINE:
Shiva (Madhavan) is a young boy from Srirangam. He comes to Chennai in search of a job. In Chennai, he falls in love with Priya (Meera Jasmine), despite her repeated warnings that she is trouble. The reason for this is that her elder brother (a refreshingly good Atul Kulkarni) is the biggest baddest goondah in town, and cuts off the arms of anyone who dares approach his little sister.

But when her brother sends goons after Shiva, Shiva's character smilingly beats them all up with ease. This makes Priya think her love might be possible, and she too reciprocates Shiva's love.

This drives her brother even more crazy, and he keeps sending goons to kill Shiva, and Shiva keeps beating them up. The ending tells us how -- or if at all -- the lovers unite.

I honest-to-God looked forward to this movie because of the director. With "Aanandham," he proved he knew how far to push the sentiment angles, without making a stupidly sentimental movie like "Vaanathai Pola" or "Samudhiram."

While his direction shows much improvement with "Run" (or is that because of the expert camera-work of Jeeva, a man proving himself to be one of the best in the business), his story needs a lot of work.

I enjoyed the first half of the movie a lot. It was great. I was into the characters, having a good time. The second half of the movie, while still entertaining, was -- because of its storyline -- harder to enjoy.

My parents, who I saw the movie with, enjoyed the whole thing a great deal -- surprising, since they hate action movies. They seemed to be able to accept the exaggerations of the story with a grimace. I, however, was unable to do the same.

How does a kid from Srirangam know how to beat up 20 goons at once (and my God, so violently, this film has some of the most harsh violence I've ever seen in a Tamil movie)? How come the biggest baddest bad guy in Chennai doesn't have a single gun at his disposal to blast Madhavan away with?

It's not a bad movie, okay? I felt compelled to give this movie a 3 / 4, just like I felt compelled to give "12B" a 3 / 4. But "12B" lost because it wasn't coherent. "Run" loses because its storyline is too unbelievable.

It's too bad, because I loved several things about the movie -- whether it was the on-going "fight" between Madhavan and Raguvaran, or the relationship between Madhavan and his parents. The characters are so fresh.

EVERYONE in the crew had done an expert job, too. The actors have all done remarkable jobs. The camera-work is magnificent. The direction is magnificent. The music is pretty good. Vivek, as comedian, is HILARIOUS (many other reviewers are saying Vivek is repetitive; what, you could sit through Goundamani calling Senthil "naayae" eight-million times, but you can't sit through Vivek's hilarious dialogues?!). Full acting credits go to Atul Kulkarni, Anu Haasan, and Raguvaran, and even Madhavan, who makes a credible action hero. When all that is so good, why oh why, Lingusamy, didn't you spend a little more time with the main storyline?

I'd love to love Vidyasaagar's music as much as everyone else does; I have some problems with it, though. Why, in "Minsaaram Yenmeethu" do the words "Kaadhal Theeyae" come out sounding like "Kaadhal Cheeyae"? Why does the title of the song "Kaadhal Pisaasu" have to be "Kaadhal Pisaasu"? The tunes are nice, but the songs are not classics, like they're being made out to be.

My favorite song of the bunch is "Vaadaa Machaan."

Oh yeah, and the picturisation of the songs in the movie is -- for the most part, okay -- but the fact that neither Madhavan or Meera Jasmine can dance is pointedly obvious. In one song, Madhavan just jumps up and down over and over again during the chorus (to top it off, he appears dressed like a Telugu star, with a purple shirt and green pants!).

Most of you will probably like it. But my recommendation is still wait for the video or VCD.


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