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Fans Rating: 78%%78%% 78% (107 votes)
Movie Still STORYLINE:
Shiva (Vijay) is ditched at the altar by his 'mora ponnu,' (Sindhu, from "Kadal Pookkal") but takes a casual approach to it. He goes to the city, and there falls in love with Sandhya (Sandhya).

But then, of course, Sandhya introduces him to her fiance, Prathap (Yugendran), a money-crazy unscrupulous man. Here comes the surprise in the story. Rather than accept it, Shiva takes Sandhya aside, and tells her, "I love you."

Shiva's 'mora ponnu' returns and while her whole family ostracizes her, Shiva does not blame her and treats her well. Sandhya watches all of this. It is also revealed that it was Prathap who cheated Shiva's 'mora ponnu.' Now Sandhya has to choose: does she want to marry Shiva or does she want to move with Prathap?

I almost gave "Youth" a 2 / 4 for one simple reason -- the scene in which, even after introducing him to her fiance, Vijay tells her straight out, "I love you" instead of singing sad songs at her wedding and being the typical hero.

But really, that's the only good thing about "Youth." Everything else is annoyingly a true-blue Vijay film, for true-blue Vijay fans.

Which I'm not.

Throughout the entire movie, I kept thinking, "Shut up, Vijay! Shut up! Stop lecturing me! Stop lecturing me!" I felt like I was attending a lecture by Vijay, not a movie. He has advice for everyone.

And I didn't even like his character. Telling a girl you love her at her engagement function is okay--you're telling her what her options are. But consistently saying, "I will love you forever," and bugging the hell out of her with annoying dialogue even after she's said she doesn't like you is, well, "sootha porukkithanam."

And then there are the unnecessary songs and the unnecessary fights, and everything else that goes with a Vijay movie (such as an incredibly stupid scene in which Sandhya does a sexy dance in front of a monkey to get her hat back!)

It's not quite as bad as "Shah Jahan," but "Youth" is awfully close. But it's also going to be popular with the college-guy audience, I can tell that, too.

Good things? Vivek is good, as always. That's about it.

Some of the songs are some of the worst I've ever heard. "Old Model" and "Aal Thotta Bhoopathy" (featuring Simran) are all very stupid. "Sakkarai Nilavae," "Sakiyae Sakiyae," and "Santhosham" are okay, but nothing special.

Vijay fans, head for the theater 'cause you'll love it. The rest of us, skip it.


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