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Movie Review: Yei Nee Romba Alaga Irukke (2002) Back to Movie
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Movie Still STORYLINE:
We are shown a collage of incidents out of the newspapers. Failed lovers commit suicide, throw acid on their rejecters' faces, and do other horrifying things in the name of love failure. A voice asks us: is there not a better way to deal with love failure? A more sensible method? And so the story begins.

Hari (Shaam) comes to the city to work. He stays with his friend (Vivek in another hilarious role). He has two 'morru ponnus' in the city, one of whom is Raji (Sneha). Hari and Raji get along as friends and care for each other a great deal.

Enter Swapna (Jaya Re), a girl who falls in love with Hari. She declares her love to Hari, and he rejects her, discovering that he is actually in love with Raji. Hari goes to Raji and similarly tells her of his love. She, too, rejects him.

Enter Bharat (Rajiv Krishna), a third character who has been through love failure.

The three characters deal with the loss of their loves differently. Swapna becomes enraged at Hari for rejecting her, and takes it upon herself to ruin his life. Bharat becomes a Devdas, drinking away his life, and eventually committing suicide. Hari is our sensible role model. He gets along with Raji fine, hiding his hurt from her, does not hate her, and does not destroy himself.

What a great message in this message movie. Too bad it's not executed well, so that the message is a little mangled by the time we get it.

This is a movie that could have been one of my all-time favorites. As it stands, it's not. The story takes a long time to get on its feet. There are unnecessary fight sequences, an unnecessary hospital bid at the ending, and an ending which completely misses the point.

This is Vasanth? I thought when watching it. Surely it's not. Vasanth is the most eclectic of directors. Give me a movie directed by Maniratnam, Shankar, Saran, S. Ezhil, Balachander, Kamal Haasan, Suresh Krishna, K. Bala, Arjun, any of those guys, and I will instantly know who directed it. Give me a movie directed by Vasanth, and I probably won't have a clue it was him. He's been incredibly good ("Aasai"), incredibly bad ("Appu"), incredibly mature ("Rhythm"), incredibly immature ("Poovellaam Kaettupaar"), incredibly original ("Aasai" again), and incredibly unoriginal ("Naerukku Naer") and now, in this, he shows he can be incredibly amateurish as well.

Yes. Amateurish is the word. I feel like Vasanth handed the movie to his assistant directors and kicked back and relaxed. There is nothing to show his experience here (heck, even the song picturisations are incredibly disappointing, feeling almost like Shaam and Sneha did the dancing themselves without the benefit of choreography).

SPOILER COMMENTS: Do not read unless you've seen the movie.

What a dumb ending. Shaam gets stabbed by guys we've forgotten about by that time, and goes to the hospital. Ramyakrishnan plays a little joke on Sneha. Then Sneha tells Shaam her love, and he jumps up and dances around! He got stabbed, remember? Not even a wound. The guy must be Superman.

But EVEN WORSE, the ending defeats the point of the movie. The whole movie is about love failure and how to deal with the loss of a person you love. If Shaam wins in his love, where's the love failure?!

If Vasanth had had his head screwed on right, the movie would've ended with both Shaam and Sneha getting married to different people, and living happily ever after.

This was the movie with the incredibly innovative successful music by the five new young music directors. All the songs are pretty good. But the picturisations? They look like a three-year-old did them. The choreography is very subpar, everything is subpar. Vasanth took five great tunes and sucked all the goodness out of them.

Watch it on video or VCD.


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