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Movie Review: Unnai Ninaithu (2002) Back to Movie
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Movie Still STORYLINE:
Surya plays a young man who works in a lodge (despite the fact that he is actually the owner of the lodge, and that once the lease is up, he will get it back). Enter Radha (Sneha), the new manager's daughter, who falls in love with him because of his perceptions of women and his sweet nature.

But Surya has a back-story. He loved a girl named Nirmala (Laila), who also reciprocated his love. But because her family asked her to, she ditched him and was engaged to marry a richer man. Eventually, he left her, and Nirmala was left alone without anyone to help her. Surya offered, and put her through medical school.

At the end, who does Surya go with? The girl he loved before, or the girl who loves him now?

Oh Vikraman, I am so disappointed in you! Usually, the comedy in Vikraman's films is above average, and an added grace of many of his features (Just think about the comedy in "Poovae Unnakkaaga"). In this movie? Nothin' doing. The comedy is crude, ridiculous, overlong, unrelated, and in a word, boring. It's the comedy that brings down an otherwise nice movie.

The back-story of this film was very interesting. Apparently, Vijay was all set to play the main role, and everyone was falling over themselves thinking about this reteaming of Vikraman and Vijay after "Poovae Unnakkaaga." But after one song, Vijay walked out, saying there were no good danceable songs or good fights for him to impress his fans with. Surya stepped in and took Vijay's place (the second time this has happened; in "Periyanna", Surya also took Vijay's role). This story made me think this movie might be good-- I'm sick of all those masala movies with the good danceable songs and fights anyway. Unfortunately, while "Unnai Ninaithu" has some high points, it doesn't hold up to my expectations.

The three main characters have all acted very well. The dialogues and characterizations, as expected from Vikraman, are subtle and pleasant. Laila spurning Surya because of money is a rarely-before-seen realistic touch. And of course, as in most Vikraman movies, the hero has a dialogue at the end to explain his decision.

In "Poovae Unnakkaaga," Vikraman said that once you've loved a girl, you can never love another. In "Unnai Ninaithu," Vikraman reneges and gives us a different lesson: Once you've stopped loving a girl, you can not restart loving her (while you can start loving a different girl).

Despite the fact that no one really noticed, and the fact that there isn't really anything novel here, "Unnai Ninaithu" has a strong melodious soundtrack. There are so many great songs, "Yaar Intha Devathai" and "Ennai Thaalaattum" topping the list. Other good songs are "Happy New Year" and "Sil Sil Sil Silala." "Chocolate" is okay, as youth songs go, and "Pombalanga Kaadhal," while initially off-putting, has some very funny lyrics.

Wait for the video or VCD.


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