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Fans Rating: 79%%79%% 79% (32 votes)
Movie Still STORYLINE:
Shree (Surya) is a rowdy, longing for his father's (Vijayakumar's) love. He has been ostracized from his family because his father felt he had a hand in the death of his younger sister, and for refusing to stay silent about it. He is still in love with Shruthika from his old 'agrahaaram' and she in love with him, but their union is derided by Vijayakumar.

It all ends in a courtroom scene.

I am so disappointed in Surya. He has so much acting talent, but he has zero talent in picking scripts. "Nandhaa" gave him a brief pick-up, but if he continues picking roles like "Shree," he'll be gone so fast our heads will be left spinning. Where do I start with the flaws in this movie?

First of all -- as all other Internet reviewers have pointed out already -- it's hard to sympathize with Surya and Vijayakumar when it's so obviously their faults that their family was destroyed.

Second of all -- Gayathri Jayaram should never have been in this movie. An article at said she had a "crucial role" in this movie. I laugh at that. There's never been a more unnecessary character.

Third of all -- what ever did Surya do to have the 'agrahaaram' come back to him and call him a hero and all of this nonsense?

Fourth of all -- I am SICK, just totally SICK and TIRED of these idiot rowdies with hearts of gold movies. All the big heroes in Tamil cinema have been rowdies with hearts of gold (Vijay in "Nenjinilae," Ajit in "Dheena," Vikram in "Gemini") and a total of NONE of these movies have been any good. If you want a good rowdy story, you need a true rowdy (like Manoj in "Alli Arjuna"), not a Robin Hood.

Fifth of all -- (and the BIGGEST ONE of them all), Vijayakumar's character in this movie is a great big idiot. When he yells at his 'agrahaaram' at the end, "Yen payan koondila nikkuraanae!" I laughed my head off. It was him that put Surya there in the first place. That courtroom scene at the end is one of the WORST in Tamil cinema history, and Tamil cinema history is full of really bad courtroom scenes. I gagged at the last half-hour of this movie.

So why a 1.5 instead of a 1? Simple. Surya is a good actor, and the songs are good.

I've liked the "Shree" album ever since I first heard it. The only song I don't like is "Madurai Jilla." All the rest are very nice.

Skip it. Just get the audio CD for the songs.


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