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Movie Review: Panchathanthiram (2002) Back to Movie
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Fans Rating: 79%%79%% 79% (79 votes)
Movie Still STORYLINE:
Ram (Kamal Haasan) is a playboy pilot who gets about a hundred girls running after him, all wanting his kelavan body. He then meets Mythili (Simran) during an airplane hijacking (talk about your badly-timed humor!), falls in love with her, and pledges to give up his old ways. But silly stupid circumstances have it that Mythili believes he's still playing the field, and she walks out on him.

Ram turns to drink, unable to bear the loss of his wife, and enter his four friends (Jayaram, Yugi Sethu, Sriman, Ramesh Aravind) who all try to cheer him up by bringing Maggie (Ramyakrishnan), a prostitute, into his life. Ram rejects her, but when he leaves the room and comes back, Maggie is found dead.

So the five of them get rid of Maggie's body, and then go back home, where Ram still tries to get back with Mythili. But then Maggie mysteriously appears alive. Supposed hilarity ensues.

The ending explains the million plot holes.

After "Thenaali" and "Pammal K. Sambantham", we have another incredibly horrible Kamal Haasan comedy where logic is thrown to the wind. This one is a remake of the English "Very Bad Things", a bad English movie that doesn't deserve a remake.

I laughed very few times in this movie (to be honest, there were a few times I laughed at the sheer stupidity of it all; case in point, Jayaram playing "Inky Pinky Ponky" or throwing the corpse over the bridge to find out there's no water). I was disgusted far more often. That airplane hijacking bit in the beginning was in such bad taste...

Everyone's going nuts over the "Crazy" Mohan dialogue, and the "munnaala pinnaala" wordplay. I think all that was just stupid, and that "Crazy" Mohan is getting tired and repetitive.

Dumb movie which proves that Kamal Haasan thinks he's the most handsome man alive when in fact he looks older than he ever has in the close-ups. He may have gotten Simran, but hey she never had good taste. She was with Raju Sundaram before, after all!

The ending at least explains the plot holes. I gotta give it that.

Deva proves that he's the best at providing horrible music.

Kamal Haasan comedy fans, of whom there are many, I know, watch it in the theater, even though I know even some of you won't like this one. All of us who still have brains, skip the ride.


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