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Movie Review: Enge Enadhu Kavithai (2002) Back to Movie
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Movie Still Enge Enadhu Kavithai shares some things in common with both Junior Senior and Varushamellaam Vasantham. It centers around a love triangle with two men and a woman, fails to provide any sparks in the romances themselves and delivers an unexpected ending(it has a little more in common with Varushamellaam Vasantham since it also features Kunal as one of the two heroes). But the director shows a little more promise here than in either of those cases with a tolerable pace, better shaped characters and snippets of nice dialogs.

Babu(Kunal) is a mechanic who owes a lot to Krishna(Krishna), his rich friend. Bhaskar(Sriman) drives a wedge between Babu and Krishna but when Krishna discovers Bhaskar's true colors, he renews his friendship with Babu. He also takes a turn for the better and starts to be affectionate towards his family whom he had treated badly before. Meanwhile Babu falls in love with Kavitha(Rathi), a girl he meets 'by accident'. Krishna's brother and sister-in-law want to see him married to their friend's daughter and he unwillingly accompanies them to the girl's house, all set to reject her. But he falls in love with the girl at first sight without knowing that she is none other than Kavitha and wants to marry her at any cost.

As long as one doesn't realise that the movie is headed towards a familiar love triangle, it manages to be entertaining. Things move at a reasonable clip initially with Sriman's machinations, Krishna's anger towards his family(surprisingly, the reason for his anger towards his mother is never revealed), the break-up of friendship between Kunal and Krishna and the romance between Kunal and Rathi. While the romance is completely cinematic, especially at the point where she asks him to love her, it is quite cute. There are also instances of some noticeably nice cinematography(like the opening scene where Sriman and friends search for the motorbike) during these portions.

But once Krishna gets back with Kunal and then falls for the same girl his friend is in love with, we realise that the entire section with Sriman and the break-up was redundant and that the movie actually begins only at this point. This is frustrating and the disappointment is not removed by the subsequent proceedings. The love triangle is cliched with familiar ingredients like Krishna never realising that Rathi is Kunal's lover, Kunal deciding to sacrifice his love and so on. The climax offers a routine solution though the way it is implemented is a little unexpected. But it is also abrupt and doesnt offer a sense of closure.

The movie has some nice dialogs at a few places that manage to convey emotions without being longwinded and testing our patience. It keeps away from unnecessary add-ons like fight sequences and is not overloaded with songs. For quite a long time, it also sticks to the task at hand without a separate comedy track. But it ultimately gives in with a couple of unconnected comedy episodes for Dhamu. Fortunately, these are short and manage to be a little funny.

I have no idea how Kunal manages to appear in so many movies but the number of roles doesn't seem to be doing his acting any good. He is as wooden here as he was in his debut Kaadhalar Dhinam. New face Krishna, Hindi star Govinda's relative, reminds us of Raghu (of Sangamam fame) in his initial days. He is definitely better than Kunal with acting seeming to come more naturally to him. Rathi is homely and a girl-next-door type. She performs quite well, especially during the initial portions where she follows Kunal and chides him. Yugendran, who was the villain in Poovellaam Un Vaasam, appears for a single song sequence. Bharadwaj's tunes are pleasant with one song(both the tune and the picturisation) reminding us of Satham Illaadha... from Amarkkalam.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam