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Movie Review: Gemini (2002) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still 'Rowdyism Zindabad' seems to be the loudest cry in Tamil cinema these days with several movies featuring rowdies as heroes. The trend was started with Dheena last year following which we have had actors like Surya(Nandha), Ajeeth(Red) and Prakashraj(Dhaya) portraying their own brand of rowdyism onscreen. Ofcourse, the extent of rowdyism the hero indulges in is always directly proportional to his image. Now it is Vikram's turn and naturally, he plays a 'good' rowdy who is reformed by his love and the affection he receives from a considerate police officer.

Gemini(Vikram) is the rowdy who aspires to be the leading rowdy in his area after toppling Teja('Kalabhavan' Mani), the current top gun. Gemini falls in love with (Manisha)Kiran, a North Indian gal, even joining the same evening college as her to spend time with her. Not knowing his true profession, she falls for him too. The new DGP in town Singaperumal(Murali) cracks down on rowdyism and both Gemini and Teja are arrested. It is a reformed Gemini who comes out of jail and he struggles to convince Kiran of his change while resisting Teja's attempts to incite him.

For the director, having a rowdy as hero is a good choice since it allows him to easily incorporate the usual ingredients of romance, stunts and sentiments into the story. All of the above are present in Gemini too but unfortunately Saran has nothing new to offer in any of them. The story is routine, both in the initial portions with a series of clashes between the gangs of Vikram and 'Kalabhavan' Mani and the second half, featuring the reformed Vikram. Manorama's addition to Vikram's household provides the sentiments and the only minor twist in the storyline.

The only category the movie provides something unique in, is the portrayal of the villain. 'Kalabhavan' Mani's mimickry talents are on full display as he imitates a variety of animals during the course of his villainy. His imitation of the physical movements of the giraffe and the snake are uncanny and add a new dimension to his otherwise routine villain role. But, while this habit fully highlights his acting talent, it does affect the seriousness of the role and he never comes across as a completely detestable villain(unlike say, Ashish Vidyarthi in Dhill).

While we usually have romances set in colleges, Vikram joining an evening college just for Kiran is a new and funny idea for romance but is not built upon very well. Vikram's encounters with the seniors and his deal with them on ragging him are funny but the romance itself is not very cute. The other major setpiece is the autoshop but the comedy here, with Saran's usual duo of Dhamu and Vaiyapuri, is not very funny. But their sequences could be forgiven since they have a link, however tenuous, with the main story. On the other hand the sequences involving Charlie are unconnected, vulgar and just plain distracting.

After heavyweight roles like Sethu and Kasi, this role isn't much of a stretch for Vikram and he is not required to do much more than dance and fight, both of which he does quite well. Kiran makes a rather poor debut with no noticeable acting talent and an unattractive figure made more obvious by her vulgar dresses. Apart from 'Kalabhavan' Mani, Murali is the other Malayalam import and he gives a dignified performance as usual as the upright DGP. Bharadwaj takes a cue from Chocklet's enormously popular Male Male... song to come up with the very catchy O Podu... number. The song is fast, has some great beats and is apparently all the rage in TN. A couple of other numbers Deewana Deewana... and Pennoruthi... are good too.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam