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Movie Review: Punnagai Desam (2002) Back to Movie
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Fans Rating: 78%%78%% 78% (56 votes)
Movie Still STORYLINE:
Tarun Kumar, Gunal, and Dhamu all have ambitions -- to become an I.A.S. officer, a singer, and a popular mimicry artist respectively. Unfortunately, their parents are against their ambitions, and won't lift a finger to help them. They run away from home and go to Madras to try and become a success.

Meanwhile, friend Hamsavardhan goes to his Uncle's house because once upon a time, when his Uncle was poor, he was engaged to his daughter (Sneha). However, now that he is rich, his Uncle kicks him away, and Hamsavardhan leaves, promising one day to return to marry his sweetheart once he is rich.

Tarun Kumar, Gunal, Dhamu, and Hamsavardhan meet Hamsavardhan promises to help the other three achieve their ambitions. He works hard, doing coolie work and odd jobs to support them. Eventually, all his hard work pays off, and they become great successes.

The questions at the end are will they forget his sacrifice? And will Hamsavardhan ever get together with Sneha? Priety Vijayakumar plays Tarun Kumar's love interest.

Okay, the storyline is basically a copy of "Pudhu Vasantham" and the more recent "Unnidathil Ennai Koduthaen." That said...

I really looked forward to this movie because I think the songs are some of the best songs released this year. The movie did not totally disappoint, but it wasn't exactly up to my expectations, either. Is it a good movie? Yes. Is it a watchable movie? Definitely. Is it a classic? Not even close.

I like the message in this movie, and it's not too preachy, either. It's just that the ending is a bit awkward, and the whole "Vetrikku Mael Vetri" song seems misplaced. Another bad thing in the movie is the contrived romance between Hamsavardhan and Sneha. Dhamu's mimicry also seems like he can do a bit too much for reality.

But the good things about this movie far outweigh the bad things. This is a light happy feel-good entertainer.

The movie is entertaining from beginning to end, and you won't be disappointed watching it.

Excellent songs -- the best are "Kaatrilae Paattu Varum" and "Vetrikku Mael Vetri." Other good songs are "Doli Doli Re" and "Engal Moochukkullae."

Watch it on video.


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