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Movie Review: Pammal K. Sambandham (2002) Back to Movie
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Fans Rating: 79%%79%% 79% (132 votes)
Movie Still STORYLINE:
Pammal Kalyana Sambantham (Kamal Haasan) is a cinema stuntman (what we used to politically incorrectly call a "dupe") who happens to hate the institution of marriage so much that he hates his middle name. Janaki (Simran) is a woman who happens to hate marriage just as much. The two meet when their friends, played by Abbas and Sneha, fall in love and get married, against both their protests.

Cut to six months later. Abbas's and Sneha's marriage is on the rocks. She doesn't respect him anymore because he never made it to Australia. Janaki wants them both to get divorced, but P.K.S. thinks they shouldn't. While this is going on, P.K.S. is gored in the stomach by a cow during a shooting for a movie. He is taken to Janaki's hospital, where while operating on him, she loses her watch in his stomach.

Janaki, to get back the watch, pretends she is in love with P.K.S. He initially hesitates, then reciprocates. But finally, once she gets him on the operating table, and retrieves her watch, she tells him to forget her again. He goes away, still in love with her.

Abbas and Sneha are on the verge of divorce when they realize they are still in love and get back together again. Sneha then realizes that Janaki is in love with P.K.S. once finding out what a good person he is. But P.K.S. is already engaged to his "morai ponnu" by now. Will P.K.S. and Janaki get back together again?

I watched this movie with a lot of trepidation after the Kamal comedy film that had everyone else in stitches, but left me with a horrified look on my face: "Thenaali." And when other reviewers started calling P.K.S. "Thenaali Part 2" for all practical purposes, I almost decided never to watch this movie.

But hey, I did. And it's better than "Thenaali." Okay, the storyline is still stupid, but not quite as stupid as Thenaali's. Plus, in my opinion, the jokes are a lot funnier this time around. My favorite scenes are when Sneha is escaping her wedding, and the groom's family start pulling her back into the kalyaana mandabam, and when Kamal, wearing a Siva suit, goes into a "saami" pose after stepping in cow- dung. The actors have all done great jobs, except for Abbas and Sneha, who really have nothing to do, histrionically speaking.

I laughed my way through the entire movie. I'll give it that. Is this a good movie? Not a chance. The storyline is implausible, ridiculous, and flat-out stupid at points (the whole watch thing -- come on!). However, the jokes are very very funny. This movie is guaranteed to be a hit. And 99% of you out there will love it.

Oh yeah, and why is Sriman relegated to the "paasamulla annan" role in every movie? The guy has far more acting capabilities than that, people.

Deva tries to compose good music for this one. But while his music isn't so bad, the ridiculous lyrics throw him for a loop. I'm at a loss to name one good song. "Sakalakala Vallavanae" is all right, I suppose, but why is the chorus "Raveena Raveena"? There's no one named Raveena in this movie. It's like in "Paarthaalae Paravasam" when in the song "Neethaan Yen Desiya Geetham, Ranjana Ranjana." There was no Ranjana in that movie, either. I guess lyricists don't even bother to ask for character names anymore.

Kamal comedy fans, watch it in the theater. You will love every stinking minute. People who like a little sense in their movies, you can watch it on video or VCD without losing a thing.


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