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Movie Review: Pammal K. Sambandham (2002) Back to Movie
Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam
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Movie Still Kamalhassan is back to his now-familiar routine of presenting a light, comedyf outing after a serious venture. So its the turn of Pammal K Sambandham to try to tickle us this Pongal after Aalavandhaan attempted to terrorise us last Diwali. With the ever-reliable 'Crazy' Mohan penning the dialogs, Mouli handling the camera after a long gap, and Kamal's well-known comic timing, the movie easily achieves what it sets out to achieve - making us laugh. Though the laughs occur only in spurts, they are hearty when they happen and ensure another success for the Kamal-Crazy combination.

Pammal K Sambandham(Kamal) belongs to a rich family and works as a stuntman for actors while Janaki(Simran) is a doctor. The only thing the two have in common is that they hate words like love or marriage. But they are forced to come in contact when Anand(Abbas), PKS' friend and Malathi(Sneha), Janaki's friend, get married. PKS and Janaki help the two get hitched and later, provide moral support when they get divorced. When Janaki accidentally stitches up PKS' stomach with her watch inside, she is forced to feign love for him to attempt to get the watch back without his knowledge. But PKS believes her and really falls for Janaki.

It is difficult to upstage Kamalhassan in his movie but the real hero of PKS is undoubtedly 'Crazy' Mohan. His fertile mind comes up with line after line of fresh 'kadi' jokes, one-liners and wordplays that manage to keep us doubled up in laughter. While just making us laugh is a success by itself, his new interpretation of oft-used, everyday words and phrases('Insure' and 'Keep Left' to name a couple) are genuinely clever and illustrate his comic genius. There are a few jokes(like Kamal's misinterpretation of Simran's name for her dog) that are his trademark, thereby making the punchline obvious before its delivered, but the majority of the jokes in PKS sound fresh. A large portion of PKS' success goes to 'Crazy' Mohan.

PKS makes it very obvious within a few frames that comedy is its only intention and that logic or character development will find no place in the proceedings. There is no background, either for the friendship between Kamal and Abbas or the romance between Abbas and Sneha. We never learn why Kamal chose to be a stuntman inspite of coming from a rich family and his unique occupation seems to be just a novelty since it serves no purpose in the story. Not much time is dwelt on the misunderstanding between Abbas and Sneha either and these portions seems haphazardly done - as though Mouli was plain impatient and wanted to get to the comedy portions.

PKS is unable to maintain the comic momentum throughout. The laughs occur in spurts with patches of comic drought, some long and some short, separating them. The scene where Abbas ignites Sneha's jealousy with another girl, the cinema shooting scene with Kamal as Lord Siva and the scene where Kamal is taken to the hospital are some such scenes where the laughs come fast and furious. On the other hand, one feels that the sequences with Simran's watch(with its alarm) inside Kamal's stomach havent been exploited enough by Crazy Mohan. The laughs are surprisingly few during these places.

With the success of Tenali, Kamal probably thinks that some sadness and sentiments are not out of place even in a full-length feature. That seems to be the only reason behind the long and needless excursion into sentiments after he learns the truth about Simran's act. His outburst at his grandfather and the subsquent demise of the grandfather seem quite stretched out considering the nature of the rest of the movie. Thankfully, the movie recovers nicely with a hilariously slapstick climax. The conditions of the inspector and Manivannan are very funny and 'Crazy' Mohan manages to extract a great deal of mileage from the fact that 'pillai' denotes both the groom and a caste. The climax ensures that we come out of the theater laughing and that ensures a good opinion about the movie as a whole.

Kamal is at ease with the 'Madras' lingo and his talent for slapstick and impeccable comic timing embellish the dialogs at several places. Simran shows a nice knack for comedy in the scene where she tries to trap Kamal with a rope and reserves her usual glamour for the song sequences. Abbas and Sneha dont have much to do. Only Ramesh Khanna catches our eye among the huge cast of supporting actors. Gadodhkaja... is the best among Deva's songs with the picturistion, alternating between the engagement scene and foreign locations, matching the song. Sakalakala Vallavane... and Dhindukallu... are the other duets pleasing to the ear.

Rate movie A movie review by Balaji Balasubramaniam